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Episodes 61-70

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Get In The Herd

Hosts Alex Bond & Nathan Mitchell are joined by, McShin Foundation President and Co-Founder, John Shinholser and guest Matt Sutton, Director of Media Relations for the Drug Policy Alliance to discuss the post-election drug policy wins & the passage of Measure 110 in Oregon.

Host Alex Bond with guests Cindy Whitlow & Ashley Jackson discuss the McShin Foundation’s Women’s Program house in Chesterfield County.

Host Alex Bond & Nathan Mitchell with Joseph Jewell.

Hosts Alex Bond & Nathan Mitchell joined by guest David Butts discuss triggers, past trauma, and self-care.

Host Alex Bond & Nathan Mitchell with guest Joseph Jewell discuss sustainable recovery and working a solid program.

Host John Shinholser with guests Johnny Fab & Bill Stouffer

Hosts John Shinholser & Alex Bond discuss the state of Recovery Month 2020

Host Alex Bond with guest Nathan Mitchell recapping his journey with Addiction Across America

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