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Board of Directors

The McShin Foundation

Board Members
    • Debbie Rosenbaum

      Board Member

    • Mike Kelly

      Board Chairman

    • Mary Jenczewski

      Board Treasurer

    • Chick Jordan

      Board Emeritus

    • Dusty O'Quinn

      Vice Chairwoman

    • Virginia Hall

      Board Member

    • Stewart Morris

      Board Member

    • Cecelia Fleet

      Board Member

    • Lisa Bennett

      Board Member

    • Andrea Wright

      Board Secretary

    • Marshall Tucker

      Board Member

      Marshall is a person in long term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder, which means he has not found it necessary to use any mood or mind altering substances since September 1, 1988. He has been committed to carrying recovery's message of hope to jails and institutions as a meeting facilitator for over 20 years and loves working with the forgotten people... the castaways of our society. Marshall is married with two children, both of whom are lawyers.

    • Mary-Ellen Viglis

      Board Member

      I am the chairperson for the McShin Memorial Garden. I was Blessed and welcomed into the Mcshin Family nearly 6 years ago when my Son DJ was 16 and struggling with Substance Use Disorder. It is at Mcshin where we both learned about the disease and began a journey of healing. My beautiful boy, passed away on April 4, 2020 and a lot has changed since then- one constant is McShin, where I truly have found purpose in my life and grief journey. They continue to envelope me with their love and grace. It is my mission to continue to honor DJ and his community by always remaining a part of McShin. I am beyond grateful to be a board member. I will continue to live each day doing my best to help others struggling and their families.

    • John David Gibson

      Board Member

      I am a general practice attorney in Louisa County. My practice is primarily focused on family law, criminal defense and estate planning, but as a general practitioner I work in many areas of the law. More importantly, I am a recovering alcoholic and have been sober and substance free since 2010. I am fortunate in my line of work to have the opportunity and background to represent, counsel and advocate for clients with substance abuse disorders on a near daily basis, including securing bed-to-bed transfers of clients to McShin in the past due to its strong reputation in the legal community. Since having the opportunity to learn more about the McShin model and tour its facilities, my appreciation for the work and commitment of McShin to recovery has only grown. I previously served on the Board of Directors of the Virginia Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, and I am honored to have the opportunity to continue efforts to assist those in
      need as part of the McShin Foundation family.

    • Michael Beaudet

      Board Member

      In my professional life, I am currently a staffer to a member of Virginia’s House of Delegates. I manage their legislative agenda, people operations, and office information technology. I have previously worked on local, statewide, and presidential political campaigns. I am also a person in recovery from an alcohol use disorder. I have been in recovery for several years, and have recently embraced sobriety. My personal experiences have led me to support policies and candidates that are dedicated to improving the lives of other folks living with substance use disorder. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others in the Richmond community through a position on the McShin Foundation board. I also am a board member of the UVA Club of Richmond.

Advisory Council
    • C.T. Woody

      Advisory Council Member

    • Sara Daves

      Advisory Council Member

    • Jill Cichowicz

      Advisory Council Member

    • Paul Thomson

      Advisory Council Member

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