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Sober Living Houses in Richmond, VA

The McShin Foundation is available around the clock for those who are ready to begin
or continue their recovery.

Sober Living in Richmond, VA

Call (804) 249-1845

Speak to one of our staff members about entering one of The McShin Foundation recovery residence or to learn more.

Richmond Recovery Residence Overview

Our recovery residences provide individuals with safe and affordable housing while they progress in their recovery journeys. They have access to our Richmond addiction treatment center and its activities, as well as structure and accountability within the house. Sober living residents are required to attend a weekly community meeting as well as pursue a recovery pathway. All of our recovery residences are certified by the Virginia Association of Recovery Residences (VARR) and the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). We have Level One and Level Two houses in accordance with VARR standards.

Who We Serve

We provide residential services to adults (18+) who:

  • Have been encouraged to seek recovery for the first time
  • Are recovery-resistant and have a history of relapse
  • Are re-entering society from jails, prisons or other institutions
  • Are seeking aftercare once they leave a treatment center
  • Want to live in a safe environment while pursuing recovery

Richmond Recovery Residence Expectations

The McShin standard of recovery housing means:

  • In The McShin Foundation housing, residents will find a friendly and caring atmosphere
  • Residents will have a peer leader in the house to guide them
  • Access to multiple pathways of recovery and peer support services through the RCO
  • Random drug screens with laboratory confirmation
  • The McShin Foundation standard of recovery housing means all houses abide by VARR standards

What We Expect

  • Residents to adhere to The McShin Foundation guidelines
  • Residents to find a pathway to recovery
  • Residents to make an effort to improve, grow, and integrate into Richmond’s recovery community
  • Residents to be uplifting and positive to towards themselves and others
Pregnant and Parenting Women's Recovery Home

Destiny House

We now have a Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Recovery Home. Destiny House provides a safe environment for moms that are pregnant as well as moms with a child. They attend recovery-related, faith-based, and 12-step groups with their child. The women in this home have a House Leader that is McShin staff residing at the home as well.

Call us today to get started on your road to recovery.

(804) 249-1845

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