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The McShin Foundation Staff

The McShin Foundation is available around the clock for those who are ready to begin or continue their recovery.

About Us

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The McShin Foundation is an authentic peer-to-peer organization, meaning that nearly all of our staff members have lived experience of Substance Use Disorders and recovery.

Our Founders

John Shinholser Board Member Emeritus, President & Co-Founder

John Shinholser serves as the President of The McShin Foundation, which was founded in 2004 and named for its two recovering co-founders, John Shinholser and Carol McDaid. Shinholser and McDaid have dedicated their lives to helping individuals and families in or seeking recovery from the disease of addiction. The McShin Foundation operates on the founders' belief that by helping others find and sustain recovery, they can better sustain their own recovery. John has been in long-term recovery since 1982. John is a United States Marine Corps veteran. He owned and managed a successful contracting business for over 30 years, during which time he served as President of the Richmond Chapter of the Painting and Decorating Contractors Association and was twice recognized as a national award winning Original Design Faux Finisher. John served as President of SAARA of Central Virginia Affiliate and is a former board member of SAARA of Virginia. Shinholser also served as Chairman of the board of Rubicon, Inc (2012-2014).

Carol McDaid Board Member Emeritus, Co-Founder

Carol McDaid serves as Principal at Capitol Decisions, Inc. For over two decades, Carol has worked with leading drug and alcohol treatment centers, addiction physicians, prevention and consumer organizations and mental health consumer and provider organizations to refine public policy addressing addiction and mental health. With over 25 years of Federal legislative experience in Washington, Carol provides clients with public affairs consulting on issues that span the breadth of health care, including behavioral health, Medicare, Medicaid, and private sector reimbursement issues. Because Carol has personally struggled with addiction, she understands the challenges, political and personal, of dealing with alcohol and drug issues. She is a founding Board Member of Faces and Voices of Recovery and currently serves on the Board of Young People in Recovery. A North Carolina native, Carol McDaid graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA, where she majored in Political Science.

Our Staff
    • Jesse Wysocki

      CPRS | Chief Operating Officer

      Jesse Wysocki is the Chief Operating Officer of The McShin Foundation. Born in Suffolk, VA, his childhood was spent following his Dad's Navy career until settling in Chesterfield. Previously, he worked as an HR Director at The Towers Retirement & Assisted Living Community and was the Transition Peer Mentor and Overnight Monitor at The Healing Place.

    • Honesty Liller

      CPRS | Chief Executive Officer

      Honesty Liller is a woman in long-term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder since May 27, 2007. Honesty's mission as CEO is firmly rooted in community outreach and involvement. She works tirelessly in the community to help individuals and families heal from addiction. She campaigns for individuals with SUDs to put the shame and pain of addiction behind them.

    • Christopher "Cricket" Ronquest

      Assistant Director of Operations

      From Hanover County, Virginia, Cricket was first exposed to recovery at the age of 15 when a judge ordered him to attend 12-step meetings because of his addiction. For nearly two decades, he continued to use substances uncontrollably until The McShin Foundation began a substance abuse program in Pamunkey Regional Jail, where he was incarcerated at the time. Since his graduation and release in August of 2015, he has not been arrested, has been a member of a multi jurisdiction re-entry council, has had his civil rights restored, and has traveled the country carrying his message of hope wherever he goes.

    • Joyce Bronson

      Intake Coordinator

      Joyce is from Richmond, VA. She entered The Mcshin Foundation in April of 2019 and quickly became a house leader in one of the women's recovery residences. Joyce excelled as a peer leader and moved on to work as a grant writer and on weekend staff for The McShin Foundation. Joyce contributes her recovery to everything she has learned at Mcshin, and through her experiences she has been motivated to continue her education; she is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology.

    • Jillian Nye

      Director of Female Programs

      Jillian was born and raised in Highland Springs, Virginia. She entered The McShin Foundation on January 27th, 2017 for six weeks, after which she continued to volunteer daily and remain involved. She completed one year as an AmeriCorps member, serving at McShin and giving back to the community. Jillian is a Certified Recovery Coach and Peer Recovery Specialist. Recovery has strengthened her relationship with her family, her significant other Jeremy, and her amazing daughter Jaycee. Jillian hopes to continue her professional and academic career in the Substance Use Disorder and Recovery field.

    • Morris Bayton

      Director of Male Programs

      Morris A. Bayton is a person in sustained recovery from substance use disorder who was born and raised in Petersburg, Virginia. After graduating from Petersburg High School, he attended Hampton University where he majored in journalism. When Morris fully embraced recovery he discovered a passion for helping others to find recovery from SUD as well. His duties as an Americorps member include recovery coaching, facilitating group discussions, and assisting participants with applying for social service benefits.

    • Matthew Conner

      CPRS | Data Specialist

      Matthew is a person in recovery from Richmond, Virginia and became involved with The McShin Foundation in October of 2018. Through his experience having lived in one of McShin’s recovery residences, Matthew identifies the recovery house as having a vital role in one’s recovery. In addition to his involvement in the McShin community, Matthew enjoys spending time with his family, going to the gym, playing soccer, pickleball, and whipping up new recipes in the kitchen.

    • Melanie Belden

      Financial Controller

      Melanie Belden was born in Prince George's County, Maryland and moved to Hanover, Virginia in 2000. She has battled on and off with the disease of addiction since her late teens. She found recovery when she entered The McShin Foundation as a participant on December 10th, 2016.

    • Kyler Goetz

      Marketing & Creative Director

      Kyler is a person in sustained recovery and a proud native of Richmond, Virginia. He came to The McShin Foundation in June 2019 and quickly became involved with helping to further the message of recovery. Kyler has worked as a graphic design professional for over 7 years and enjoys the opportunity to do what he loves while helping others. Aside from his work at McShin, he is also one of our house leaders. When he isn’t behind a giant computer monitor, Kyler can be found hanging out in the city with friends, body surfing the James River, and painting flash artwork.

    • Nathan Mitchell

      Community Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator

      A Yankee transplant, Nathan is a person in recovery from a Substance Use Disorder. He came to The McShin Foundation after participating in a McShin jail program where he was first introduced to a better way of life. In addition to his position as community outreach and advocacy coordinator, Nathan is a house leader and certified peer recovery coach passionate about sharing his experience, strength, and hope. When he isn’t cooking family meals, his eclectic, and perhaps esoteric, musical interests mean that he can be found belting out anything from Brumel to Queen, Barenaked Ladies to Verdi. He is also known to edit Bob and has strong opinions about the Oxford Comma.

    • Alex Bond

      Administrative Assistant

      Alex Bond is a person in sustained recovery from Substance Use Disorder raised in Roanoke, VA. He joined the McShin Foundation as a participant in October 2019 and is a Recovery Coach, NADAC Approved Recovery Coach Trainer, and host of the McShin Foundation Podcast, Get in the Herd. The peer support model and his house leadership role are vital to Alex’s recovery, and he cites service work and helping others as the foundation of his recovery.

    • Moses Wright

      Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

      Moses Wright, CSAC is a 30-year professional in Substance Use Disorders (SUD) who has worked in a variety of settings through his career. His "clean date" is January 4th, 1982 and he currently provides Board Approved clinical supervision to those seeking certificates as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant (CSAC-A) and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC).

    • Eric Todd

      Americorps Member

      Eric is a person in sustained recovery from Portsmouth, VA. He came to McShin in January of 2019 as a participant and since has worked at the foundation in a number of different capacities. Recovery has not only granted Eric a second chance at life, he has found purpose in helping others find a new way to live. Eric embraces multiple pathways to recovery, encouraging each individual to find their own unique recovery journey. Staying immersed in the recovery community, Eric lives in a sober living house as well as serving full time as an Americorps representative at McShin’s recovery center. When he is not working, Eric likes to spend his free time with his dog and significant other. To fuel his recovery journey, Eric lives off a diet of Reese's, Ramen Noodles, and energy drinks.

    • Marshall Tucker

      Correctional Program Facilitator

      Marshall is a person in long term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder, which means he has not found it necessary to use any mood or mind altering substances since September 1, 1988. He has been committed to carrying recovery's message of hope to jails and institutions as a meeting facilitator for over 20 years and loves working with the forgotten people... the castaways of our society. Marshall is married with two children, both of whom are lawyers.

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