A Halloween in Sobriety

Be it the need to become someone else or simply to have fun, the last night in October is often filled with big events with friends and acquaintances. These parties, more often than not, offer copious amounts of alcohol and often drugs as well. Drugs and alcohol help with that same process that allows people to become uninhibited, but they also aid a transformation into something worse. Apart from Halloween, parties tend to create situations where bad decisions and relapses can occur.

What is worse, substances can come in different forms during Halloween. This in turn can make it difficult to tell what may or may not be alcohol or drugs.

However, if you are an individual recovering from addiction, a change in your mental or physiological state may be less than welcome. Anyone who has struggled with addiction may understand the difficulty a holiday such as this poses. So, if you want to maintain your straight path, try devising a strategy before the night arrives.

Plan Ahead

To combat a relapse, it is important to assume an active role. Identifying possible situations where there’s a high risk of relapse is a good way to maintain self-control. A good understanding of yourself can better help you keep distance from those situations.

In order to maintain sobriety during Halloween, allow yourself some time to plan ahead.

  • Accept party invitations carefully. It is likely several invitations will come your way, but you should attempt to identify what types of parties these are and if alcohol or drugs will be involved. Family parties can often be a good alternative.
  • Arrange to hang out with a sober friend. Tell them your intentions for the night and be sure to tell them your clues that say, “I’m tempted.”
  • Leave the situation if it becomes overbearing or at the first sign of temptation. Peer pressure can’t affect you if you are not around.

Have a Friend Tag Along

It can be helpful to understand you are not alone. A good buddy who understands you and backs your cause can be the difference between sticking around too long and leaving with integrity. During Halloween, the buddy system can:

  • Give you an easy exit from any pressure situations. Talk to your buddy early and often about when would be a good sign for an exit.
  • Keep you honest with your goals for the night. Should you begin to struggle, having another set of eyes can help maintain a straight-and-narrow path.
  • Keep the night social as you’ll always have someone to talk to.

Seek Out Alternatives to Partying

Take your siblings, cousins, relatives, or others trick or treating! Volunteer for big events in your neighborhood like senior center dances, school haunted houses, events at your public park, or even events at your local church. A night in with the family at a gathering or simply passing out treats while watching horror movies is always fun.

Not every event on Halloween has to include alcohol or mind-altering substances. By making the decision to maintain control of your own life, you can definitely make the night fun for kids. Further on, you can become an example and an advocate for what a healthy individual acts like on Halloween.