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Leslie J.

June 11th, 2020

“My name is Leslie Jones and I am an addict. My addiction took me from a beautiful family, three children, a home, and vehicles paid for. I had a terrible car accident that crippled my son and took me to a deep dark depression. I numbed all my hurt and pain with alcohol and drugs. From the streets, I landed in RSW Regional Jail and I asked to be put into the drug program. The first day I met a facilitator from the McShin program and he told me he was a hope dealer, not dope dealer. As he talked, I found myself relating to how he had been in jail and how a peer to peer program helped him.

As they came in week after week, I found myself being more and more educated and liked what I was hearing. Throughout the eight months I was there at RSW, right before my eyes I saw a change so great that it made my heart happy to see this truly works. Within a few months, my life became amazing. I was really understanding the disease and knew what I had to do to have a new life. Now, I am living the sober life at McShin helping others dealing hope and saving lives. I have a job, I am a house leader, leading others in the way I was led. I love my life and it is precious to me. Better yet, I am loving me.”

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