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Frank Bellanger

Pamunkey Jail Program Coordinator

Frank R. Bellanger III came to McShin after receiving inpatient treatment for Substance Use Disorder. A native of Galloway, NJ, Frank attended a prestigious all boys Catholic college preparatory school and dreamed of pursuing a career in politics. His time at school was devoted less and less to his education and more and more to abusing drugs and alcohol until his life became unmanageable due to his addiction. His path of addiction eventually landed him in New Jersey State Prison, where he served twenty-two months for theft.

Frank moved to the Richmond area five years ago. At the time, he attempted to manage his addiction through medically assisted treatment, but did not embrace recovery. It was not until he nearly lost his life, son, and marriage and accepted inpatient treatment that he began to pursue recovery, which to him means total abstinence from any mind and mood altering substances. Through this commitment not to use, no matter what, Frank has been able to help others embrace recovery, first as a volunteer at McShin, then as a Group Facilitator at the Pamunkey Regional Jail, and now as the Program Coordinator at Pamunkey.

Frank is a Recovery Coach, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, and a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate. He plans to continue to pursue additional certifications that will expand his ability to help others in the recovery community. He has a passion for being a Hope Dealer in correctional institutions and hopes to continue to deal hope within the prison community. Frank is married and has four children, and is thankful for the gift of restored relationships in recovery. He is a lifelong fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.