McShin Staff

John Shinholser
Board Member Emeritus, President

Honesty Brackett Liller
Chief Executive Officer
Honesty Brackett Liller has been employed full-time with McShin since January 2008. In 2010 she was awarded McShin Employee of the Year. She has been in recovery since May 27th, 2007. Honesty went through our female recovery residential program at McShin when she decided to recover from drug addiction and now she supervises that very house. Honesty is a Certified Peer Recovery Coach and trains individuals on how they become one as well. She is happily married with two beautiful children. Liller was promoted to CEO of McShin in 2013 and she now runs all the day to day operations of McShin, trains individuals on how to administer Nasal Naloxone and is also a notary public.  She has coordinated and planned many Recovery Month and other events since being at McShin and with her ongoing advocacy efforts she has attended dozens of meetings in Washington D.C., including the White House, to be a face and voice for recovery.

Honesty is on the Facing Addiction Action Committee and is a Board member of ARPAC. She has been a member of the Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church for 5 years and has maintained the position of church clerk for 4 years. She is on the Enforcement Workgroup that helps the Governor's Opiate and Prescription Drug Task Force and is also a facilitator in the Pamunkey Regional Jail Program, McShin Trinity.  She is the 2015 Vernon Johnson Awardee from Faces and Voices of Recovery.  She loves to run, exercise, read, and just learn about life as a whole! Honesty received the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Great Boss of 2016 Award.  ...More

Francis Fletcher
Francis Fletcher
Interim Director of Operations
Francis Fletcher is originally from Washington, DC but relocated to Richmond, Va. in early 2013 for a teaching position at Virginia Commonwealth University. He currently works for The McShin Foundation, a recovery community organization that provides a peer-to-peer model of recovery for individuals with Substance Use Disorders. He began volunteering at McShin in the summer of 2015 by helping to organize the foundation’s annual September event, Recovery Fest. He was then hired as a peer leader and now serves as the Assistant Director of Men’s Programs, in which capacity he oversees the progress of male participants in McShin’s intensive recovery program. Francis earned his M.A. in art history from Rutgers University in New Jersey, and although his graduate work has been on hold for the past two years he plans to complete his PhD in Italian Renaissance and Baroque art. His dissertation is focused on the work of the fifteenth-century painter Andrea Mantegna, but he is more broadly interested in the social status of the artist in the early modern period and connections between Renaissance painting and intellectual history. Francis first visited Florence in 1987 and has been returning as often as possible ever since. He first resided in Florence while carrying out dissertation research as a Fulbright Fellow at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz in 2007-08. He has taught classes on ancient Roman art as well as Italian Renaissance and Baroque art at Rutgers University, Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and VCU. Francis has also designed and taught courses on women’s history in Italy during the early modern period. In addition to his teaching experience, he has been employed in curatorial departments at the Smithsonian Institution, the Library of Congress and Dumbarton Oaks. One of his goals upon completing his PhD is to return to teaching art history at the university level while also remaining an active part of the recovery community.

Erin Mayberry
Female Program Director
Erin Mayberry was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from JR Tucker High School and continued her education at Mary Baldwin College as a cadet in the Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership. She is the proud mother of two daughters. Erin struggled with a substance abuse disorder for over twenty years before finding recovery November 10, 2014. She is incredibly grateful to the McShin Foundation for introducing her to recovery, for all the love and support she received, for the introduction to her chosen pathway to recovery and for allowing her to work with other women seeking the same growth and freedom she has found.

Brenda Perkins
Peer Leader

Brenda joined the McShin Foundation family in September 2015.

Brenda was born and raised in the Richmond area. She graduated from Douglas Freeman High school and continued her education at the Bon Secours School of Practical Nursing.  She worked in the medical field for 25 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse at various locations in the Richmond area

Brenda has a history of a substance use disorder and after being charged with prescription fraud, entered into the Health  Practitioners Intervention Program in 2002 and was introduced to 12 step recovery at that time. She has been an active member of the recovery community and has maintained her sobriety since January 17, 2002.

Michael Quinn
Community Relations Coordinator

Michael C. Quinn was born and raised in Richmond with a younger sister and attended St. Christopher’s school.  He left Richmond to study at the University of Mississippi before moving out of the U.S. to live in Australia for a year and returning to earn his B.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University.  After graduating from college, he worked as a property manager for a real estate firm before he chose to become an educator and teach at a private elementary school in Richmond for three years.  In 2015, he became a participant at The McShin Foundation.  Living in one of our residences enabled him to begin his recovery and start giving back to the foundation as well as the recovery community as a volunteer before he was hired as a McShin Intake Specialist.  Michael enjoys duck hunting with his chocolate Labrador retriever, Louise.

Michael Quinn in the news

Michael Quinn IN THE NEWS

Alden Gregory
Special Projects Coordinator

Alden grew up in Richmond, where she attended Collegiate School, graduating in 2012. She recently received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and hopes to continue her education with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, focusing on addiction and recovery research. Alden’s passion for working with individuals with Substance Use Disorder stems from her experience with family and friends who struggle with addiction. Her experience with The McShin Foundation started in the summer of 2015 as an intern, where she facilitated groups and assisted with grant research. After her December graduation, she returned to the foundation as Special Projects Coordinator. Alden aims to use her voice and time at The McShin Foundation to reduce the stigma of addiction and offer hope to the families and individuals it affects.

Samantha Getz
Peer Leader/Weekend Staff
Samantha was born and raised in Mechanicsville, VA. She was introduced to the "drug world" at age 15 and went to treatment in Texas when she was 20 years old. She says she accumulated a small amount of clean time but no real recovery. She continued using until she was incarcerated on February 24, 2015. Upon her release on August 8, 2015 she was able to find a 12-step Program and found herself surrounded by the Recovery Community at the McShin Foundation. She credits the support she received at McShin for her continued abstinance since that time. She took the position of Peer Leader at the McShin Foundation to give back what was so freely given to her and to be able to give hope to the next addict. She loves to let addicts know that they no longer need to live in the misery or horror of our addiction. Samantha's goal is to help shine a light of hope in the lives of people suffering from substance use and to be a living example of what being a part of a positive recovery community can do.

Paxton Wolfrey - Intake Specialist
Paxton Wolfrey
Admissions and Intake Specialist
Since graduating from Hampden-Sydney College in 1994, Paxton has experience working in investments, money management, and risk management. In his previous role as an investment counselor he earned the “Top Producer” Award from Lord, Abbet & Co., and the “Quality of Advice” Award from American Express. He is also a 2003 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, with a Master of Business Administration degree. Paxton’s experience with his own addiction and recovery, along with his current insights and solutions, validate our commitment to “Peer to Peer” services and programs. You will find that Paxton is always ready and approachable to share his story, and never forgets where he came from. Raising two beautiful daughters, Talbot and Hannah, consumes most of Paxton’s free time, while he still enjoys the occasional round of golf or fishing.

Loren Allison - Assistant Director of Female Programs
Loren Allison
Assistant Director of Female Programs

Loren Allison was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia where she attended Tucker High School. She got involved with drugs and alcohol at the age of 15, and her addiction took off from there. Her struggle with Substance Use Disorder led to a cycle of incarceration and abusive relationships. On March 25th, 2016, Loren was released from jail only to overdose and return on March 26th, 2016. She was released from incarceration and entered The McShin Foundation on April 4th of 2016 and has been in recovery ever since. She exposed herself as a leader among the women and was the house leader of McShin's female program house until she began working as the Assistant Director of Female Programs. Through her personal journey of recovery, she has become a responsible and loving mother to her four beautiful daughters and is a living example to the women in the recovery community.


Stephanie Trent
Stephanie Trent
Director of Youth and Family Development
Stephanie is a person in recovery, meaning that she has not felt it necessary to use drugs or alcohol since March 25, 2016. Stephanie was born in South Carolina and raised in Maryland. Stephanie has battled addiction since she was a child and knows all too well the struggles of trying to stay clean in high school when seemingly everyone around you is using. She is a single mother of two sons and a daughter. Stephanie is fully committed to her recovery and giving back what was so freely given to her through the 12-step fellowship in which she participates.


Lesley Davis
Financial Controller

Lesley Davis was born and raised in Richmond, VA and has a history of Substance Use Disorder that goes back to early childhood. She struggled off and on for years battling the disease of addiction.  It wasn't until she entered The McShin Foundation as a participant and was surrounded by others in the recovery community that she was able to fully engage in recovery.  Lesley has been in recovery since October 27, 2015 and went through our female recovery residential program.  She was a house/peer leader for over 6 months and volunteered at the foundation to give back to the organization that helped save her life.  Lesley has been employed full-time with McShin since July 2016.  She is grateful for the many opportunities that she has been given and to the foundation for introducing her to her chosen pathway of recovery.  Lesley has one daughter and is now actively involved in her life again thank to recovery. 

Brandi Finchman
Treatment Services Coordinator

Brandi Fincham was raised in Romney, West Virginia. During her middle school years, Brandi started using alcohol and drugs recreational. It was only a matter of time before she was dependent on opiates. She managed to graduate Hampshire High School in 2007 and continue on to receive her CNA certification in 2008. In 2010 Brandi became the mother to her beautiful daughter, Ayla. Brandi is an Alumni of The McShin Foundation and has not found it necessary to use drugs or alcohol since January 17, 2016. Today Brandi serves as the Treatment Services Coordinator for The McShin Foundation. 

Chip Lauterbach
Facilities Manager

Chip Lauterbach was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia.  It was in middle school, that he began abusing drugs and alcohol, and this steadily progressed over the years.  In 2008, Chip enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, and served as an Infantry Machine Gunner, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan.  After leaving the Marine Corps, Chip returned home to the Richmond area to focus on earning a degree at VCU and being a father to his daughter Norah.  Additionally, Chip served on the board of directors for The Mighty Pen Project, a non-profit organization that is partnered with the Virginia War Memorial and gives veterans college level creative writing classes and a chance to preserve their stories for future generations.  He is also a student at VCU studying broadcast journalism, with hopes to graduate with the class of 2019.  He has been clean and sober since October 25, 2016.

JessiiHall copy
Jessii Hall
Judicial Programs Director
Jessica Hall entered the recovery community through the Mcshin Foundation on Aug. 3rd 2014. Since that time she is has been an active member of her society. She was raised in Eastern Henrico County of Virginia and also lived in Mechanicsville, Virginia and Chesterfield, Virginia. Jessica began her addiction at a very young age and hit her bottom just as fast when at the end she was hospitalized after becoming septic. At 21, she is considered a young person in recovery. Jessica began has a judicial facilitator at Chesterfield County jail HARP Program and then later grew in her role at the Pumunkey Regional Jail Mcshin program. With dedication, commitment, and passion for Judicial Programs and Recovery she is now the Director of Judicial Programs at the McShin Foundation.