Intervention & Recovery Services

Intervention and Recovery Services

  • On a walk-in basis, the McShin Foundation offers intervention services, housing, support and guidance. The Foundation works hand-in-hand with local and nonlocal treatment centers, accommodates a variety of pathways (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, dual-diagnosis, and faith-based 12-step groups, as well as groups for family members), and provides comprehensive peer-based services before, during, and after clinical treatment.

    Located in Richmond, VA 2300 Dumbarton Road

    Located in Richmond, VA 2300 Dumbarton Road

For individuals in immediate need, the McShin Foundation offers:

  • coordination of medication-assisted linkage detox services
  • 24-hour respite program for persons requiring monitoring for drug-based treatments
  • 28-day retreat program to help participants through the critical first month of recovery
  • a customizable Shadow Program for more complicated¬†participants
  • McShin staff shadow participants 16 hours a day (excludes bedtime hours)

In 2013, the McShin Foundation received over 100,000 recovery support inquiries from people in need and performed 40 family interventions.