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Recovery Coach Training Manual (Revised) – Free download!

Excerpt from the Manual:  RECOVERY COACH TRAINING

PURPOSE: This training will begin with an overview of the historic and current contexts in which treatment and recovery have taken place in the United States. A key area of focus will be the development of Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS). The history of treatment and recovery in the United States will be explored, as will the diverse pathways to recovery. The many roles of the recovery coach will be defined and discussed. We will also examine leadership techniques, recovery capital, recovery plans as well as the importance of advocacy and the use of social media. The course also covers the challenges and opportunities provided by working with veterans and the re-entry population coming from jails and prisons. Additionally, it covers the principals needed for a recovery coach to operate ethically and with integrity without losing sight of self-care and maintaining one’s own recovery. The final day of the training is dedicated substance use and driving accurate evaluation of his/her own use of alcohol and other drugs, safe practices, the history of advocacy groups dedicated to curbing driving impaired by substance use and other topics.


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Recovery Coach Training Manual (Revised) – Click HERE for the free download!