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David Rook

David Rook

In August of 2012 David was hired as the Senior Peer Leader and Intake Specialist.  In 2015 he was promoted to Operations Manager.   He has tremendous compassion for people struggling with the disease of addiction and, when contacted, can be counted on to share his recovery experience and his training as a Peer Recovery Coach.

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Phone: (804)687-3619


Erin Mayberry

In October of 2016 Erin became the Female Program Peer Leader.Erin struggled with a substance abuse disorder for over twenty years before finding recovery November 10, 2014.   She would love to hear from you!

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Phone:  804-347-5841


Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn

Michael C. Quinn was born and raised in Richmond with a younger sister and attended St. Christopher’s school.  He left Richmond to study at the University of Mississippi before moving out of the U.S. to live in Australia for a year and returning to earn his B.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University.  In 2015, he became a participant at The McShin Foundation.  Living in one of our residences enabled him to begin his recovery and start giving back to the foundation as well as the recovery community as a volunteer before he was hired as a McShin Intake Specialist.

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Phone:  804-382-8157


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