Advisory Council

The purpose of the McShin Foundation Advisory Council is to assist the McShin Foundation Board of Directors and staff develop and implement policy.


Andrea Wright
Advisory Council
Andrea is a Richmond native who is passionate about peer-to-peer recovery. After completing treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford, a prominent addiction recovery center, unfortunately Andrea's addiction continued and became worse. In February 2000 it was only through the help of a Virginia peer-to-peer recovery organization where Andrea found hope and the true meaning of recovery; this is where her passion for the peer-to-peer model was born.   Andrea holds a M.A. in International Criminology from the University of Sheffield School of Law in England, where she studied as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. She obtained her B.A. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from the ICAR Institute at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She focused both her undergraduate and graduate research on addiction and recovery. Her masters research culminated with her dissertation entitled “The Stigmatic Effects of Criminalizing Drug Addiction,” for which she received merit. Her dissertation included an in-depth look at the decriminalization of drug use in Portugal and the parallel reduction of social stigma. She continued to pursue her education regarding decriminalization in Portugal. In 2015 she obtained a diploma on Illicit Drugs in Europe: Supply, Demand and Public Policy from the Instituto Universitario de Lisboa in a program that was co-sponsored by NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse and the EMCDDA (European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction). Andrea has years of professional experience working within the criminal justice system and in addition was certified as a mediator for the courts in Virginia. She holds a Virginia certification as a Peer Recovery Specialist and Recovery Coach. Andrea is dedicated to her clients, with whom she works closely to navigate the court system to assist in a successful outcome; and provides a safe, structured and non-judgmental environment in which her clients can recover and lead a vibrant, healthy life.   After the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France, which occurred only steps from where she resided with her family in Paris, they decided to return to Virginia and back to her hometown of Richmond in early 2016.  Since time she has been active both in her "recovery home" of Winchester, Virginia and in Richmond. She continues to pursue and support addiction and recovery endeavors by volunteering on two regional drug coalitions, attending recovery events, attending national and international conferences, providing expertise on decriminalization via radio shows and panels, and most importantly empowering others to live an authentic life. She is a mother of three beautiful boys and enjoys her leisure time with them, continually expanding her deep spiritual practices, and traveling the world.  
Bradley Hill
Advisory Council
Bradley Hill is fondly known as Pastor Brad in the State of Virginia.  He received his Masters in Theology from the Calvary Chapel Institute and received his education on the recovery process from his own experience in active addiction. As a Pastor, who understands the power of addiction, his message resonates well with those still struggling with the disease as well as those who have achieved recovery.  Pastor Brad provides valuable understanding to the complex and demanding questions surrounding why it is so important to surrender and find a belief in a higher power. He understands the power of addiction, so those who hear him speak easily relate and find hope and strength in his testimony.   Pastor Brad's real life journey took him from a position as a Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel, a thriving congregation in Virginia with over 1500 members, to being in a position of awkward homelessness, penniless and addicted to a variety of opiates.  He had lost his wife, who had died of health complications, his ministry, his home and all of his material possessions.  Pastor Bradley Hill found himself at the bottom of the pit of desperation. He did however slowly make his way out of the pit with help from a friend and the 12 step fellowship. Pastor Brad's life radically changed, and his calling in the community soon became clear.  Now the Senior Pastor and Founder of Grace Downtown of Winchester, his ministry, for the most part, is centered on the recovery community.  He welcomes everyone there - individuals in recovery, those still in active addiction, the homeless, the families of those who have been devastated by addiction, and also those who have no drug or alcohol addiction issues, but have a heart for the lost, unloved, and unchurched. Pastor Brad speaks with a purpose, with hope for those still struggling. His service to the community includes counseling sessions, family therapy, and addiction interventions. Pastor Brad sits on numerous boards and advisory committees and when he is not helping others - you might find him on the slopes in Utah skiing with his wife.    
Kate Obenshain Keeler
Advisory Council
Kate Obenshain Keeler Kate Obenshain Keeler is an author, popular national speaker, and a commentator on national television and radio shows.  Kate has spent her career championing expanded liberty in America, and impressing upon young people an understanding of the blessings of freedom. Formerly a vice president of Young America’s Foundation, she has been speaking on college campuses for 27 years, has appeared on Fox News, CNBC, and MSNB, has written for numerous publications and been on hundreds of radio shows. Keeler served as chairman of the Virginia GOP from 2003 to 2006, as advisor to former governor George Allen, and as his Senate chief of staff; and as vice chairman of the Virginia State Council for Higher Education. In 2004, she founded the Jennifer Byler Institute, a leadership training program for women in Virginia. Author of the critically acclaimed book, Divider in Chief: The Fraud of Hope and Change, she is currently a board member of Young America's Foundation--the organization that owns President Reagan's  Ranch. She also serves on the board of directors for the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, and has served on the NRA’s National School Shield Advisory Board and the Steamship Institute’s Advisory Board. Keeler is a regular speaker for gatherings—civic, corporate, educational, and religious—all across the country, and is known for her inspirational style. Her most treasured role, however, is that of mother to six children.  Currently, she resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and children.  
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Sara Daves
Advisory Council
Sara Daves is a purpose coach and a conflict/negotiation expert. As a coach, she teaches women how to clarify their true life’s purpose and step into their authenticity so they can thrive. Sara also supports organizations in negotiations and conflict resolution, both internally and externally. She practices techniques that uncover new opportunities, support a win-win outcome, foster innovation and anchor profound understanding of interconnection. Her purpose is to help uplift the collective consciousness through teaching the concept of oneness and self-love, by empowering people with the tools to develop self-knowledge and recognize our shared humanity. Her daily mission is to do her part to anchor the consciousness of oneness with every interaction, choice and energetic exchange.