McShin has given me the steps I needed to learn about recovery and how to start building that foundation. Without them I wouldn’t have the relationships with my parents and family that I do today and for that alone I will be forever grateful. I learned how to stay clean, find a sponsor, a home group and that working a program of recovery is the only way to live life on life’s term without using drugs. -Vanessa W. Jan 2018

The McShin Foundation helped me build a foundation to find a new way to live. Because of this new way of life, I was able to build honest relationships with the father of my child, have my daughter back in my life, and find a passion for helping others on this same path. McShin showed me the steps to take to fully engage in the 12-step program that continues to save my life and make me into the person I am today. I have been in recovery since January 27, 2017. -Jillian N. Jan 2018

The staff of McShin showed me how to live a life of recovery. Today, I have two beautiful children, a loving girlfriend, a job, money in the bank, and a purpose in my life. Without McShin and the people I met there, especially Michael Quinn, I don’t know where I would be today. -Nick S. Jan 2018

I used to be homeless. I walked into The McShin Foundation and was provided a scholarship into a recovery house that same day. I was given groceries, a bed, a chance that day. I was able to build a foundation, network with people also seeking recovery, and now am able to help others who are struggling and want a change. Today, I am able to offer experience, strength, and hope to others. I have hope today. -Stephen W. Jan 2018

I’ve been in recovery since November 3rd, 2017. I was in an accident when I was 16, breaking my wrist, ankle, pelvis and spine. They prescribed me a lot of painkillers. From then on out, I sought out harder drugs and it quickly escalated from there. My life used to be utterly dismal and depressing. I thought I could not live without my substances. I thought I could never be happy. I was very wrong. My life is full now. Full of beautiful people that I have amazing relationships with that make my life worth living. -Melissa S. Jan 2018

McShin gives me a place that I know is safe for me to go when I’m going through something that is affecting my life or my recovery. It has helped a lot of people who I love and care about. It has brought me friends, mentors, and sponsees. It is the place that gave me my first introduction to Narcotics Anonymous and was my first stepping stone onto the path that changed my life. -Nikki W. Jan 2018

I am alumni from The McShin Foundation. I came here from Manchester, NH on December 21st, 2016. I came here with next to no money and a severe heroin addiction. I needed to stop using but did not necessarily want to stop using; not at first. Through the patience and guidance from the McShin staff I was taught what recovery was. I was introduced to a 12-step fellowship which has become my family, my support network, and my best friends. McShin hired me as an employee and I have been a staff member here for almost a year now. I have over a year in recovery and have learned a different way to live. I live on my own and pay my bills early. I have trust and respect from others and have learned how to love not only myself but my peers as well. I am ever so grateful to The McShin Foundation for showing me different pathways to recovery and to 12-step fellowships for giving me the literature and tools to grow as a woman in recovery. -Rachel M. January 2018

I came into Mcshin desperate and lonely. I tried to get clean before but nothing worked. Mcshin saved my life and gave me something to live for. –Taylor O.

McShin really helped me lay a foundation for the start of my recovery.  I was never able to stay clean on my own and when I made a decision to come to McShin it was the best decision I ever made.  Being in a house with other people trying to recover and the structure of the Foundation is what I needed the whole time. – Sara O.

In my years with McShin I have learned confidence and willingness, but more importantly a great deal of open-mindedness.  I’ve also learned that if I take it easy and give myself a break, I can use my newfound motivation to accomplish anything I choose, as long as it’s the right thing for myself and others.  Don’t get it twisted, it does work if you are willing to take simple suggestions. – Joey

McShin has helped me reverse the destructive path my life had turned upon. Instead of spinning my wheels, going from one dead-end job to the next, living off of my parents, and basically just using drugs all day long, I found a new way of life. McShin immersed me into the local recovery community so I was surrounded by and living with people who were turning their life around. When I started to hang out with the recovery herd and actually began working an active program of recovery, positive changes quickly started to occur. Today I have a 9-5 job with benefits and a place of my own! I have an awesome group of friends in recovery and enjoy living clean. My life is awesome today thanks to John S, Honesty, and the McShin Foundation. – Taryn K.

The McShin Foundation saved my life and showed me how to live a new one that I never imagined possible.-Kaitlyn B.

I went to Mcshin in 2008 when things were at the worst for me. Addiction had beaten me down to such low places in life that I never believed I could feel better again. Mcshin helped me turn my life around. I found new life and more importantly hope. I felt like I was part of something bigger than me, for the first time in a long time. I felt like I was part of a family. I honesty believe that Mcshin saved my life and even better my children got their father back. Mcshin does actually help heal families. My family is proof. – Will