McShin Supporters


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Alphabetical List


American Addiction Centers
Andrew Morehead
Ann and Richard Craven
BANCMARC/Atomic Plumbing
Bank of America Foundation
Barbara and Douglas Neilson
Bart Mitchell
Billy and Donna Ayres
Braxton and Susan Collier
Caren Girard
Carneal-Drew Foundation
Carol McDaid/Capitol Decisions
Catherine Jones
Charles and Lori Grant
Chick Jordan
Chip and Penny Vaughn
Claude Daniel
Clay Holt
Cynthia and Thomas Diggs
Cynthia Cecil
Deep Run High School
Dr. and Mrs. James McDowell
Dr. and Mrs. Ron Shamaskin
Dr. Edna Warncke
Dr. Frank Millone
Dr. H. Bernard Showalter, Jr.
Dr. Jim and Alice Meadows
Dr. John Lilly
Dr. Marjorie Quimby
Dr. Michael and Benita Miller
Dr. Riley and Dr. Wiltshire
Ed and Debbie Rosenbaum
Evan Davis, III
Florence & Bob Cabaniss Foundation/Williamsburg Wellness
Gary and Janet Brookins
Greg Lucyk
Henry & Sharon Wehrle
J.R. and Sue Worsham
James and Marilyn Loving
James Campbell
Janet Lewis Sauer
Jay Moore
Jerry & Dennis Pippin
Jim Campbell
Jodi and Joe Blackburn
John Corey CSC Leasing Company
John Schwab
Judy Bass
Judy Levine-Maizels
Julie Eddins
Kelly & Kurt Berling
Kevin & Sheila Clasbey
Lorraine & Kevin McQueen
Kimberly Berling
Laura Holdych
Lawrence Bellam
Lewis Johnston, III
Louise & Charles Williamson
Manuel & Carol Loupassi
Mark Dalton
Marta Lefleor
Matt and Therese CoffeyMike & Lynn Strader
Nancy Allen
Nancy Jacobs
Omar Abubaker & Rebecca Pousson
Patrick Valentine
Paul and Linda Corbin
Peninsula Community Foundation of VA
Quarry Hill Estate, LLC
R.H. and Ester Bunzl
Ralph and Pauline Keene
Richard & Edwina Westin
Richard and Arlene Yeager
River City Comprehensive
Robert & Jayne Ukrop
Robert C. Vaughan, III
Robin Robins
Roderick and Deborah McDavisRosalba LoPresti
Rosemary and Ed Turko
Sharon McCauley
Sherry and Elridge Sours
Sky Toxicology/Ltd.
Sonny Currin/Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy
Stephen Holdych
Steven & Keller Shinholser
Stu & Pat Van Scoyoc
Susan and Jeff Wood
Susan McDaid
Swift Creek Presbyterian Church
Ted and Judy Jenczewski
Teddy and Cathy Roberson
The Angel Foundation
The Community Foundation/Slaughter & Marianna Fitz-Hugh
The White Family Foundation
Tom BondurantTony & Linda Zebrowski
Van Go Inc. – Sid del Cadrye
Van Scoyoc Associates
William and Debrah Gray
William Burton Johnston, Jr.
Alfred and Mary Clark
Vendome Group, LLC
Richmond Rotary Club
Jean & Michael Pecan
Virginia Credit Union
Dominion Foundation
John & Debbie Thrasher
Joe and Nancy Kunkel
Winning Strategies – Washington LLC
JC Title LTD
Mills E. Godwin High School
Annabella Jenkins Foundation
Estes Foundation
Richard S. Reynolds Foundation
Herndon Foundation
Shady Grove United Methodist Church
Community Foundation of Rappahannock River Region
David Abbott/Haverford Quality Investing
Frank E., Jr. and Stuart B. Laughon
Schwab Charitable
Anne Winkler
Constance Lacy
Don & Debby Harwell
Widespread Solutions, LLC
Nachman-Marks Foundation
Larry & Deborah Mills
Charles Curley & Mary Noonan
Andrea Wassmer
Martin Family Foundation
Paul H. Pusey Foundation
National Christian Foundation
Your Cause, LLC
Douglas Wallace
Suzanne Voss
Maureen Johnson
Megan Maloney
Loupassi Foundation
Patrick McDaid
The Cecil R. and Edna S. Hopkins Family Foundation
Wells Fargo
Geoffrey & Lisa Brown
Huong Nguyen & Bradley Showalter
George & Courtney Sowers
Vincent & Cynthia Schoenfelder
Brian & Sarah Bischoff
Nathan Tatum
Jonathan Drew Tester
PATH Foundation
Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods Foundation
James and Ashley Smack
The Reinhart Foundation
Stephanie Waller
Yancey Strickler
James Price
Jim Gregware
Jeffey Markunas
David and Betty Tribble
Intelliware Systems Inc.
The Jane and Arthur Flippo Foundation
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation